Benjamin Cairns
A music educator, musician, composer, and voice actor.
Contact for comissions, lessons and voice work!
Voice Work
Over the last 4 years my skills, equipment, and recording space have continued to improve.
If you would lke to here samples please click below.
I am an instrumental teacher by training. I have been working with both college and high school groups over the last 5 years. The last two years I have worked as the instrumental director for Dundalk High School.
I give private lessons on both harp and
Most of my work has been for small ensambles and middle school bands. I am currently working on a comissioned choral and band piece. 
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I am a music educator in Maryland located in between the great cities of Baltimore and Washinton DC. I specialize in band and orchestal instruction, but have worked with choirs as well. 
Along with my goals of music education I try to engage students through the creation of small ensamble pieces to foster listening with-in the larger ensemble.
As an educator I frequently use acting techniques to command the attention of my students while building a rapport with them.  
If you have any questions about my work, please see the above websites.